Hikone castle·and Chikubushima island 1 Day Ticket

Let's use 1 Day Ticket and enjoy huge Lake Biwa, historic Chikubushima island and Hikone castle!!

You can go both,Hikone castle and Chikubushima island with this one ticket,it's a great deal!

Sells term∶ From 2019.3.1(Fri)to 2019.12.1(Sun)※Usable just on the day you buy.

Price∶ 3,300yen(Ticket for Hikone castle· Genkyu garden+Ticket for ship to Chikubushima island)
    (It needs 3,800yen totally to buy each ticket if you don't use this ticket.)

Ticket counter∶ JR·Ohmi Railway Hikone station west gate Tourist information /Ohmi Marine Hikone port ticket counter(9:00 to 17:00)

※It is sold only at Ohmi marine Hikone port from 3.1 to 3.31
※One ticket just for one person.
※To enter Chikubushima island, you need to buy their own ticket. Adult 400yen 、Child 300yen

Holy island “Chikubushima island”

“Chikubushima island”is a little island which has only about 2km around at the north of Lake Biwa.
It has been recognized as a holy island since ancient era. Especially this island has been famous as one of 33 Kannon temples in western Japan from middle age.The scenery is as beautiful as be selected as one of 8 beautiful scenery in Lake Biwa.
There are Hogonji temple and Tsukubusuma shrine on the island. Let's try "Happy Daruma" and "Throwing dish" to make your wish come true!

Sightseeing ship Hikone port⇔Chikubushima island from March 1 to December 1(From April 1 to April 20, only No.1 and No.3 will be operated.)

Because of weather or other occasions, time may be changed or no operated.

Time table of free shuttle bus(JR·Ohmi railway Hikone station⇒Hikone port)

Free shuttle bus will leave from Hikone station west gate No.6 bus stop.(Turn left after get out west gate and you can see it on your left.)

Time table of free shuttle bus(Hikone port⇒JR·Ohmi railway Hikone station)

National treasure ·Hikone castle

One of the famous and beautiful castles in whole Japan,Hikone castle.It took 20 years for Naotsugu Ii and Naotaka Ii to finish its construction, completed at 1622.
Moon lighted castle is very beautiful,it is selected as one of the eight beautiful scenes of Lake Biwa.
In spring the cherry blossoms around the castle are full bloomed and make the whole castle brighter.
Hikone castle has its own garden called "Genkyu-en". It shows different scenery depend on seasons.

Opening hour∶AM8:30~PM5:00

All you have to do is show "Hikone castle·and Chikubushima island 1 Day Ticket" when you enter the castle.

Recommended course of “Hikone castle·and Chikubushima island 1 Day Ticket”

About⑤and⑥ above,you can aboard Hikone castle town circular bus between Hikone station and Hikone castle(Fare is needed).
Please aboard at JR・Ohmi railway Hikone station west gate No.3,leave at Gokokujinjya mae or Hikone castle.

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