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the attraction in Ohmi.

Shiga Prefecture as Ohmi Province neighboring Kyoto and Osaka has Lake Biwa and it produces a lot of famous movie scenes.
The area has beautiful nature and historical attraction.
Ohmi Railway Group provides you with such attractive journey.
We aim an enterprise that makes smailes for many tourists and people in the area.






Murakumo-Gosho Zuiryuji Monzek

Valuable information

What is Ohmi Railway Group?

Ohmi Railway Group is located in the Kansai region ·
Shiga prefecture, and operates a railway, buses, taxis, sightseeing ships, ropeway and more.
Ohmi Railway Group has been associated with our region for 120 years.

Hachimanyama Ropeway
The scenery of Lake Biwa, Lake Nishinoko, the ruins of Azuchi Castle, and the old town of Omihachiman can be seen from the top of the mountain.

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Kusatsu Aquatic Botanical Garden Mizunomori
You can see aquatic plants and tropical plants around the world. In the greenhouse, tropical water lily blooms all year round.

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Ohmi Marine
Feel the grandeur of Lake Biwa from the sightseeing ship and something new from the sights seen from the shore.

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Ohmi Railway
You can see quiet rural views and traditional towns on Ohmi Railway running on Koto Plan in Shiga. Please take a train ride around towns, shrines and temple in Shiga.

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Ohmi Bus & Kokoku Bus
You can go sightseeing with our route bus even it is far from station. Please enjoy your trip with viewing town of Shiga.

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Ohmi Taxi
Our professional safety taxi drivers can take you to the trip. We have many tour taxies to go around Shiga prefecture.

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